Completion of interior renovation works of the pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary at Chlumek in Luže – the commencement of works. Norway Grants once again at Chlumek in Luže


The Roman Catholic parish in Luže was granted a funding from the Financial Mechanism EEA / Norway for the implementation of

 „Completion of interior renovation works of the pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary at Chlumek in Luže“.

The aim of the repair works is to complete the renovation and restoration of the remaining wooden furnishings which could not have been repaired from the previous Norway Grants. The restoration works will include for example 6 side altars, 6 confessionals, The Statuary of Calvary, benches, the bottom parts of the pulpit, the tiling around the St. Mary’s Chapel, cabinet furniture inside sacristies including five paintings; internal and external doors, the repair of the floor tiles at the doorway etc. A Contractor Tender for the Completion of interior renovation works had won the Agency „Jan Zrzavý“, Ltd. from Prague. After the construction works had begun in February 2015 a dismantling and transportation of the majority of articles to the Atelier took place and the work process on those is now being carried out. In April a new activity – “Façade Repair” – was approved. The Tender for the project Façade Repair had won the company Staver Luže Ltd. A new activity was launched in May 2015. Scaffolding was built and the stone elements of the church were being polished and cleaned. Furthermore there is an ongoing removal of the damaged wall plastering, the repair of stone elements etc. The aim of the new activity is to repair and save the appearance of the pilgrimage church and to preserve the cultural heritage for future generations.

The Project Partners are – the town Luže, Diocese of Hradec Kralove and Pardubice Region.

Whilst the works are being carried out the church will be open during the tourist season from April until the end of October from 9am until 5pm every day except on Mondays. The access to the church will remain via stairs as well as lift which will provide a barrier free access to the doorway of the church. The visitors can view a short film about the history and the furnishings and amenities of the Church at the vestibule on the audio-visual equipment.

The Church will be closed for church services or any other activities. It will open again for the first Chlumek pilgrimage on the 5th July 2015 and it’ll stay open for the rest of the year 2015 for Sundays services, other fairs and events to which we would already like to warmly invite you - the readers.

Information regarding the restoration works and the pilgrimage church itself can also be found on the parish website